CORE 30 Group Training

Core 30 is a style of training that I created out of necessity to train small groups of people with minimal equipment. It became a phenomenal way to work out and my clients started getting great results fast! Core 30 is the perfect mix of strength training and conditioning circuits, 30 seconds high intensity intervals followed by 30 seconds of rest for 1 hour. Burn up to 800 calories and get stronger in the process.

Get the results of personal training but at a quarter of the cost.

 CORE 30 Group Training Schedule

M-F Mornings at 5am and 7am.


               Evenings at 4:30pm, 5:30pm and 6:30pm.


  Saturdays at  8:30am and 9:30am.

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Private Personal Strength  Training

One on one private training to help you lose fat, build strength, and increase your overall health and fitness level. You make the goal and I’ll put you in the best environment to achieve it!

Personal Training hours available: M-F 5am-7:30pm and Saturdays from 7am-1pm

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Core Fitness Owner & Head Personal Trainer

Coach Del Rio is a Certified Health Fitness Specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine and has also obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Human Health and Performance from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  He has over 8 years’ experience in the health and fitness world as a Personal Trainer, Motivational Speaker, and Exercise Physiologist. As an Exercise Physiologist Dustin has two and a half years of clinical experience helping patients at Middle Tennessee Medical Center rehab from heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and strokes. Dustin created Core Fitness Nashville because he was sick and tired of people working out at gyms for years and never getting results. "People would tell me they have been working with a trainer for over a year, and they didn't look one bit different."A personable approach to fitness and nutrition is the secret to his success. Each program is specifically designed to put you in the best environment possible to get results. Weight loss is all about accountability, with our biweekly weigh ins and measurements you are sure to be held accountable for each action. Dustin will meet you at your fitness level, wherever that may be, and help motivate you past any obstacles that stand in the way. Every athlete needs a coach. Everybody needs a motivator to push them harder than they would push themselves so that they can be successful.

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Leah J.

I had a “cheap” gym membership.  I had the knowledge of what to do with the equipment in that gym.  I may have set foot in that gym 10 times in the past year.  You see, at “that” gym, I was a faceless number, a person who paid my dues.  No one cared if I showed up at “that” gym. 

I was desperately seeking a better, healthier life, but I didn’t have the desire or the will-power to do it alone.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first called Core Fitness Nashville and made an appointment with Dustin.  I gave him and his routine a try.  Then I committed to show up and make an effort to follow his instructions.  Dustin plans a different, challenging, achievable routine each day.  He makes nutritional suggestions.  He is encouraging and motivating – in a positive way.  He walks the talk.  He listens to you and he molds routines to fit your special needs.  Dustin is educated and knowledgeable in the subject matter of healthy fitness and nutritious eating.  I never dread a workout at Core Fitness Nashville, nor do I ever leave there disappointed or feel like it was a waste of time.  I am pleased to announce that in just 6 weeks of following Dustin’s routine, I have lost 10 pounds and over 10 inches.  I plan to keep tweaking to get the best “me” I can be!  AND, I cancelled my membership at “that” gym.  I found the best workout in town…at Core Fitness Nashville!

Lee Ann D-

I've never stuck to a workout plan or even enjoyed it before, but this is fun, challenging and movaties me to be better. Trainer, Dustin DelRio puts together a different work out routine for each session and I always feel like Ive had a total over all body work out. If you want to change your body and your attitude sign up today!


Paula F.-

I love the concept of core and circuit training and both of these apply in this class.  The Trainer is punctual, inspiring, encouraging, persistent,  and motivating in the sessions and growing us to reach our full potential.  He is also always stretching us to do more and be better, and what's more he does it in a way that it's respectful to who we are individually.  Always a great workout and I leave knowing I've worked out every aspect of my body both in burning as well as toning and muscle development.  Love it!


Kimberly S.-

This is by far the best workout I've ever done.  For the first time, I look forward to working out.  At 45, I can honestly say I look and feel better than I did at 25!  The combination of cardio and strength training in circuit format get results FAST!

Kelly C.-

Core Fitness trainer, Dustin Del Rio, provides me with one on one training that I couldn't find anywhere else in Nashville. Instead of trying to lose weight, I needed to gain weight....and I have never looked or felt better in the last 20 years. Every sessions is different and pushes me to do more than I ever knew I could. It's never boring, always entertaining, always intense and I leave knowing I got an awesome workout! Give it a'll be glad you did and your body will thank you for it!


Rhiana P.-

I will be honest, I did not begin my workouts with Dustin very enthusiastically. However, it was time to get back in shape and feel better, stronger. After just a few short months, I really began looking forward to my workouts, missing them even, on days I can't be there. Dustin really knows how to help you get 100% out of every session - not by yelling at you with a no-pain-no-gain attititude, but by encouraging you in a positive and energetic way. The workouts are awesome and I am definitely the strongest I have ever been. The atmosphere is not like any other gym - it is personalized, encouraging, energetic, positive, and upbeat! I highly recommend Dustin and Core Fitness Nashville to everyone!

Christena F.-

I spent years dealing with medical issues and when they were finally over and the Doc gave me the all clear to workout I found myself very much out of shape. Dustin is amazing! He was very patient and designed a program so I could ease back in yet challenged me. Four months later I feel better than I have in over 10 years. I am squatting again and pushing myself to limits I didn't think were possible any longer.
You are a blessing my friend...thanks again for all you do.


Brittini B.-

I love how intense each exercise is but because you break it down and switch it up so much, you don't even realize how many calories you're burning! And don't realize all the muscle groups you're working at the same time. Get in, workout hard, and get out feeling awesome! Core Fitness is the bomb!

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